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Vita Di Kerouac Ann Charters

Vita Di Kerouac

Ann Charters

Published 2003
ISBN : 9788804513599
394 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Kerouac achieves what Jack Kerouac himself always had dreamed of: written from the inside with disarming candor, enormous compassion, and meticulous detail, reading itself like a great American romantic novel, this biography established Jack Kerouac once and forever as a deeply flawed human being who nevertheless produced an important and enormously influential body of work which places him unequivocably among the ranks of great American writers. (adapted from dust jacket flap material)Ann Charters loved Kerouacs art, did his first Bibliography with/for him while alive, cherished his scripture and literary soul-might, researched with dignity the interior of his novels and family, spoke many years with his friends, and applied her vast tactful scholarship as a master musician-archivist of jazz to the understanding of his musical sound as American lonely Prose Trumpeter of drunken Buddha Sacred Heart. - Allen Ginsberg