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The Nobleman Among the Brothers Wolfgang Marzahn

The Nobleman Among the Brothers

Wolfgang Marzahn

Published September 9th 2005
ISBN : 9781420871104
92 pages
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 About the Book 

While from this volume the reader will learn about the agricultural, economic, cultural, and political systems in place in Pomerania in the mid 1800s, its greater appeal today might be for the role Adolph von Thadden played in the church of his day and in the spiritual lives of those around him. Adolph Ferdinand von Thadden, a Pomeranian country nobleman! He was this in a literal sense. Though by birth a Berliner, he was firmly rooted in Pomerania. The key to understanding the personality of Adolph von Thadden is found elsewhere than in his nobility, his Pomeranianism and Prussianism. Instead, it is found in his Christian convictions. His love for Christ became the cantus firmus (main melody) which rang through his whole being and blossomed in his service of state and church, in the family and in his calling. Whether serious or in jest he seemed to have an apt quotation from the Bible or the classics for most every situation. His most embarrassing experience might have been the burning down of most of Trieglaff with the errant fireworks at daughter Maries fire wedding. His most painful year contained the death of a son, daughter, and wife-his handling of these tragedies influenced the conversion of friend Ott von Bismarck to the Christian faith. Von Thaddens Free Conferences in Trieglaff were attended by clergy and laity who were interested in or involved in the renewal movement in the church in Pomerania. Those who were resisting the Prussian Union (called Old Lutherans) also found a hearing at the meetings he hosted in Trieglaff. On reading this book one can become totally impressed with the Christian faith of Adolph von Thadden, and his effective sharing of that faith with his family, his farmworkers and townspeople, fellow estate owners, in Parliament, and in the church in Trieglaff and in Pomerania. He truly was a Noble Man Among the Brothers.