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Lie to Me (Angel Academy, #2) Cecily White

Lie to Me (Angel Academy, #2)

Cecily White

ISBN : 9781622662807
352 pages
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 About the Book 

Wraithmaker Amalie is torn between protecting the vampire who saved her life and navigating rebellion, assassination, and political upheaval to save Guardian Jack, the man she loves.As long as Amelie is Lucs Immortal fledgling, she and Jack will never be free to love each other. And if the Guardian Elders discover their forbidden bond, Amelie and Jack might be separated again. Unfortunately, the Guardian war on demonkind, and rebellions threatening both the Peace Tenets and Lucs aristocratic family drive Jack and Amelie farther apart.Amelie struggles to learn how to use her newfound powers as a Wraithmaker. She feels theyre the key to discern who her allies are, help Luc survive the Trial to become Sovereign, and prevent the war threatening to destroy her world. She also hopes her powers will help her figure out exactly which side her bondmate, Jack, is on.But shes missing a clue and seeks out Lisa, the sister who tried to kill her, for answers. Instead, Amelie learns her only chance of survival is to leave Luc and Jack behind, escape and defect.